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Redbridge Reorganizes its Corporate Structure and Management Team

2012 Operational and Underwriting results strong.

Greg Morrison, Chairman and Edmund Santiago, President and Chief Executive Officer of Redbridge are pleased to announce the completion of a reorganization of Redbridge's operations and management. 

During 2012, Redbridge Holdings of Puerto Rico acquired 100% of the shares of all Redbridge companies in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. The reorganization under a Puerto Rico holding company improves Redbridge's ability to build it's (re)insurance services operations and underwriting capacity while retaining it's focus on the Latin American and Caribbean life, health and travel insurance markets.

The reorganization of Redbridge's corporate structure and management team was a key element in its strong 2012 operational and underwriting results. "Redbridge is now positioned to significantly grow its insurance and reinsurance support operations worldwide. We are quickly becoming the leading provider of insurance and reinsurance services in the Latin American life and health market", says President and CEO, Edmund Santiago.

Over the past five and one half years, Redbridge has developed its insurance and reinsurance support operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, with developing capabilities in the Pacific Islands and Europe. With its approximately 200 employees worldwide, Redbridge managed about $100 million of insurance and reinsurance premiums in 2012 from over 25 countries in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe for about 100 client insurers. Approximately $20 million in operational revenues were generated in 2012.

Redbridge's main operating subsidiaries include:

Redbridge Insurance Company, a Puerto Rico based (re)insurance company that writes life, health and travel insurance and reinsurance products.

Redbridge Reinsurance Managers ("RRM"), a reinsurance underwriter, administrator and manager of life, health and personal accident insurance products. RRM, based in Miami, has quota share and excess of loss support from a number of highly rated reinsurers.

Redbridge Network and Healthcare, with operations in Miami and Costa Rica, provides medical cost containment and managed care in the United States through its own and other private provider networks. 

Blackpoint Underwriters, Redbridge's insurance services business, provides administration, marketing and sales support services to a number of insurance companies that market life and health insurance products worldwide. 

Redbridge Travel and Redbridge Assist provide of travel insurance and assistance for travel, road, home, funeral, pharmacy discounts, dental and medical expense reimbursement programs.

Redbridge Central America owns the managed care and third party administration operations in Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Colombia and Puerto Rico as well as Redbridge Assist. These operations provide managed care and cost containment services worldwide except in the United States, trough its own provider network relations.

Redbridge Property and Casualty is located in Guatemala and provides reinsurance brokerage services to Central American insurers primarily for large property facultative cases.   Redbridge P&C benefits from the strong support of many large, highly rated reinsurers throughout the world.

Redbridge's operations are centrally managed by a highly effective group of experienced insurance professionals. The management team is:

  • Dr. Boris Garcia - Chief Medical and Underwriting Officer
  • Agustin de Freitas - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Manuel Julbe - Chief Administrative Officer 
  • Mario Aguilar - Chief of Property and Casualty Officer
  • Ana Marsh - Chief Legal Officer
  • Roberto Torres - Chief Information Technology
  • Yorleny Arias - Chief Financial Officer
  • Mariano Ruiz - Chief Actuary
  • Walt Marsh - Valuation Actuary
  • Hector Marrero - Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Hilda Guzman - Director of Administration
  • Slendie Marrero - Director of Corporate Communications
  • Sandra Santiago-Vice President of Managed Care Operations
  • Rafael Claudio - Manager Caribbean Region
  • Alejandra De Freitas - Manager South America Region
  • Verny Moya - Manager Central America Region
  • Alejandro Duplat - Executive Director Redbridge Assist

Redbridge is very well positioned to build on its past success. The company intends to continue to grow in a controlled and profitable manner by expanding its client relationships through additional product offerings and services, and by extending its geographical reach. For more information on Redbridge, please visit our website at www.redbridge.cc.